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Owners Selling or Leasing a Property with a Pool

If owners are considering selling or buying a property with a non-shared pool in the next five years a QLD pool safety certificate must first be acquired by a licensed pool safety inspector. If leasing the property the owner will present the certificate before entering into the lease. If the owner is selling the property the certificate must be presented before settlement or they can issue the buyer with a Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate before entering into the contract of sale and before settlement. This form states that the buyer will have 90 days to obtain a safety certificate and that the new owner will cover all of the associated costs. The pool safety certificate for non-shared pools is valid for two years.

In regards to shared pools such as pools in hotels, motels and hostels there is a six month phase-in period before management need to obtain a pool safety certificate. However, if you have a shared pool like in a block of apartments there is a two year phase-in period for management to obtain a certificate. These shared pool safety certificates are valid for only one year.